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Best hidden diving secret in Mexico?


Is Akumal one of Mexico’s best kept diving secret?

Tourism, diving and the COVID situation


In this week's blog post we want to share with you some of our thoughts after the first reopening weeks.

Why should you try scuba diving?


¿Te has imaginado como es bucear? Antes de decir que quiza no sea para ti, revisa estas 5 razones que podrían llevarte al agua inmediatamente.

A unique Cenote Dive, meet Angelita


Come and join us on our most recent journey to Cenote Angelita! Because as many of you know, we're finally back diving in Akumal, and it's just beautiful these days

The Impressive Marine Life of the Riviera Maya


The Riviera Maya is a chance to visit another worlds, one that is so close to ours in distance but so very far from ours in likeness.

Blue Experience Diving and Corona Virus Pandemic; Our Thoughts


We will be waiting for you on the other side of this COVID-19 pandemic, and we can't wait to welcome you with open arms... when social distancing is a thing of the past!

The best cenotes to Scuba Dive in the Riviera Maya


Cenotes are places of great calm, most of them inside of the jungle, and diving into them is a beautiful and relaxing experience that changes the perspective of traditional scuba diving in the ocean.

Best seasons to dive in the Riviera Maya


Whether you are planning to get certified or are already a qualified Scuba Diver, both Akumal and Cozumel offer you incredible diving experience to discover the underwater world of the Riviera Maya.

10 Reasons why the Riviera Maya is one of the best Scuba Diving Destinations


Imagine a scuba diving tour or course in the crystal-clear waters of Akumal, Tulum or Cozumel, at Blue Experience Diving you'll live all these experiences and much more!

Safari 2019


So for the 3rd time we set off on our Maldives dive safari, taking 17 guests with us to the “divers paradise” of the Maldives.



So here we are, now proud owners of our own dive business, all ready to start counting the money and living the “high life”!.

A Dream Come True


Having been born in Eastern Germany, living in the Caribbean was surely not in my future,

To buy or not to buy


So after searching around for what seemed like years, but was only 10 months in reality, we saw an advert for a dive school here in Mexico.

My First Student


So now I find myself “living in paradise” and ready to start work as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. All I need is my first student!

Living the Dream


Lets start at the beginning on a cold December day back in the UK in 2001. There I was wondering what life could be like, no longer sitting behind a desk all day and fielding phone calls from clients, suppliers, transport companies etc etc day in day out.