Bull Shark Season From Nov. 2023 To March 2024

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Bull Shark

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The upcoming season begins in November 2023! 

Female bull sharks return annually to their breeding grounds in the shallow waters off the coast of Playa del Carmen, Mexico. You'll be able to observe the daily routines of these creatures as we dive into their natural habitat.

Bullshark Diving Tour

Located only a few minutes off the shore, the dive site is on a 24 m/72 ft sandy bottom. 

The experience starts with a detailed rundown where the shark handler illustrates the roles of the staff, the diving process, and safety procedures. 

A square profile for a dive of approximately 35 minutes, depending on the conditions, in which you’ll rest on the bottom observing the sharks swimming in front and around you!

Being in the water with these magnificent creatures will open your eyes to their majesty and their vital role in the health of the oceans.

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  • (*) Price per diver

Blue Experience Shark Extreme Tour

Complete Gear
1 Dive


$3500 MXN*

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