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Beautiful Formations Of Stalactites, Stalagmites And Columns

Cenote Diving

Cenote Diving Akumal

Blue Experience Diving In Akumal And Tulum

Not only is Akumal blessed with some wonderful Ocean diving but we also have the Magical Mexican Cenotes right here on our doorstep. Cenotes are huge underground river and cavern systems that are accessible to all certified divers.


The Mayan people consider these Cenotes to be sacred places, (no problems with diving in them though!), and there is a special “peace and serenity” around them which you will feel as you begin your dive in the crystal clear fresh water. Akumal has many Cenotes all within easy reach by a short car ride, from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

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All certified divers have the chance to do these incredible dives as many are both shallow and all allow access to the surface within 20m (60ft). Natural light is never far away, and in several places it comes through openings in the roof to give a spectacular light show as it hit’s the clear waters. There are no narrow passages to squeeze through, its all big and open. The routes through are clearly defined by permanent guide lines and you will always be within a couple of meters (6ft) of these. Diving in Cenotes is strictly controlled and you will be in a group of 4 divers maximum with one fully Qualified Cave/Cavern instructor.

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Cenotes entrance fees, may vary as cenotes are privately owned, in the current year these are no more than 25 USD per person.

Cenote Angelita, near Tulum & Sian Kaan, Riviera Maya, Mexico


The furthest Cenote we travel to is 40 minutes away but is worth the journey for experienced divers. “Little Angel” is hidden away in the jungle and offers something totally different from the other Cenotes. No big rooms or passages, this is a deep opening, dropping to 60m(200ft).The top 27m(90ft) is fresh water with crystal clear visibility and then below is salt water, entering from the sea. The defining layer at 28/29m (92-95ft) is Hydrogen Sulfide, giving the appearance of having reached the bottom! As you go down through this layer you will feel as if you are looking back up at the clouds! A truly strange experience this Cenote dive is for Advanced divers only!

Cenote Tajma Ha

Tajma Ha

This cenote is situated 10min north of Akumal. The cavern tour, takes the diver from the entrance into a wide room underneath an air filled bat cave. Here light enters through holes in the ceiling and penetrates the water like laser beams during the summer months. Along the cavern floor you will find hundreds of stalactites lying in the sediment. Continuing the dive, you enter the sugar bowl, a second small cenote where you can see an amazing light show on sunny days. Tajma Ha is decorated with stalactites and stalagmites and plenty of hidden fossils can be spotted if you look for them.

Garden of Eden / Ponderosa

Garden of Eden / Ponderosa

A beautiful body of water just 10 minutes away from our shop, hides one beautiful cavern dive. After entering the cristal clear water thriving with fresh water fish, you'll find yourself going down into a huge underwater opening that leads to the main cavern, that connects Cenote Ponderosa with another nearby cenote.

At this beautiful place non diving companions can enjoy a memorable snorkel swim, over this outstanding underwater landscape.

Cenote Dos Ojos, between Akumal & Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Dos Ojos

Just 10 minutes away from us by car, including a 2km drive into the jungle! Two huge open pools look up at you (Mayan ,- Dos Ojos means “Two Eyes”). These 2 large openings allow for spectacular light effects as divers approach them during their dives. Dos Ojos is claimed to be part of one of the largest underground river systems, (connecting several other local smaller Cenotes via smaller cave passages), but the main Cenote is made up of wide passages and chambers, considered to be some of the biggest on the peninsula

Dos Ojos allows for two separate dive routes, named Barbie Line and Bat Cave! Each dive is approximately 40-45 minutes with a maximum depth of just 14m (45ft).

Cenote El Pit, between Akumal & Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico

El Pit

Approximately 10 minutes south of Akumal and just 2,8km past Dos Ojos you find El Pit. Arrive early for a morning deep dive and the best light penetration. Once in the water stop and appreciate the tranquil surrounding that tower above. Descend in the middle of the cenote through a shallow halocline towards the hygrogen sulfide cloud at 30 meters. Like Angelita tree branches eerily protrude from the cloud what seems to be the cavern floor becomes visible. Continue your dive above the cloud exploring the cavernous overhang of the cenote before coming up to the sloping ceiling at 10 meters. Here you find stalactites of all shapes and sizes but also remember to look up and watch the laser beams of sunlight penetrating the gash from below.

Cenote Chikin Ha, near Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Chikin Ha

Located approximately 25 km from Playa del Carmen, Cenote Chikin Ha is the first cenote in a system that connects several cenotes through more than 10km of underwater passages. During the dive, you will be making your way to the nearby Rainbow Cenote. Upon reaching a depth of about 10m, strange visual effects, can be seen as salt water and fresh water start to mix. Descend a couple of meters into the salt water and experience a comfortable change in temperature as salt water is warmer than fresh water. There are 2 dives possible in Chikin Ha.

Cenote Chac Mool, near Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Chaac Mool

Just 15 minutes north of Akumal, Chac Mool is considered one of the most spectacular on the peninsula. In many parts of the system sunlight pours in through small openings, many formed by tree roots, giving a truly awesome light display in the water. Several “rooms” are connected by short passages and as you dive you will see many small tree roots that have penetrated the soft rock in search of water. Here also you can encounter a Halocline, where salt water enters the system from the ocean and meets the fresh water creating this strange effect. Again Chac Mool offers 2 dives.

Tulum & Akumal Cenote Dive

Cenote pic from underwaterCenote Diving near Tulum, Riviera Maya