Cancellation Policy

Cancellations from Blue Experience Diving (because of closed port, bad weather conditions, etc.) will be rebooked to the first possible date, in case the trip has to be definitely cancelled on behalf of Blue Experience Diving, 100% of the price paid will be refunded. 

When having paid multiple tank packages, courses, or different diving tours, the non dived amount will be fully refunded. 

If cancellations are requested by guests the following policies apply:

Cancellations before 72 hours to pick up time are refundable with a 20% penalty. 

Cancellations within 72 to 24 hours period prior to pick up time are refundable with a 50% penalty. 

Cancellations within 24 hours prior to pick up time are non refundable. 

On any courses including Discover Scuba Diving experiences, resignation on behalf of the student at any point after filling PADI paperwork is non refundable. 

If pick up service is provided, please let us know your room number as soon as you have it, without it access to resorts won't be authorised for us and we won't be able to provide the service, this is considered as a NO SHOW. Please also note that the maximum tolerance time for pick ups or meeting up at the shop is 15 minutes, afterwards your reservation is also considered a NO SHOW.

NO SHOWS are non refundable.