Scuba Diving Courses

Scuba Diving Courses

Don't miss our PADI certified courses

Don't miss our PADI certified courses

Plunging our heads into the sea and taking the first breath underwater is just as fascinating now as it was on the very first dive. For us, to leave our natural surroundings and immerse ourselves into a world so foreign is still one of the greatest adventures there is.

So come and join us on our adventures and become a diver. Blue Experience Dive Center Akumal offers a full range of PADI courses to cater to everyone from your first breath underwater right up to Divemaster.

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Blue Experience Diving, Akumal

Scuba Diving Course
Bubble Maker

If you are age 8 or 9 and love the water one of our team can guide you through your Bubble Maker. The Bubble Maker programme adapts scuba diving activities in a way that lets children get to know the underwater world. One of our instructors will take you through your first underwater adventure in Akumal Bay to a maximum depth of 2 meters (6 feet). On completion of the course every child receives the “Bubblemaker Certificate”.

Scuba Diving Course
Discover Scuba Diving

If you have never dipped your head under water the Discover Scuba Dive is exactly right for you. Your dive instructor will give you a short explanation of the basic rules for a safe and easy dive and will make you familiar with the equipment. Next are a few exercises in shallow water where you learn how to handle your diving equipment. Afterwards you will go on your first boat dive to a maximum depth of 12 meters (40 feet) and will experience the amazing world under the sea.

Scuba Diver Course
PADI Scuba Diver

If you are determined to learn how to dive the PADI Scuba Diver is the next step on your way of becoming a diver. Within 2 days our instructor will teach you the important theoretical and practical knowledge about the basics of diving. The course is divided into three parts, of theory, one or two pool sessions, learning the basic skills, and 2 dives off the boat to a maximum depth of 12 meters (40 feet). Upon completion you will receive the PADI Scuba Diver certification. The worlds dive sites await you.

Open Water Diver Course
PADI Open Water

The Open Water diver course is the right choice for those who want to dive freely with a dive buddy in the future beyond the depth of 12 meters (40 feet). This certificate is valid worldwide! In 3 to 3 ½ days you can gain your PADI Open Water certification. The first two days overlap with the PADI Scuba Diver program. On day 3 you get to exercise further skills in the pool and shallow water and expand your theoretical knowledge. There is a short multiple choice quiz to complete at the end of the course. Upon completion of the course you receive the PADI Open Water certificate which allows you to dive to 18 meters (60 feet) worldwide. The course includes 4 dives off the boat on the wonderful reefs of Akumal.

Open Water Diver Course
PADI Advanced Open Water

Are you looking to increase your knowledge and skills in your favourite field of diving, ie Underwater Photography, Underwater Naturalist, Night Diving and so on. Then the PADI Advanced Open Water course is your next step. You will complete 5 adventure dives, each one focussing on an individual speciality. The 2 compulsory dives for the course are Deep and Navigation. Then you choose 3 other dives from a long list of PADI adventure dives.

Including manual, learning material, all gear and certification

Discover Scuba Diver $ 2380 Pesos
Discover Scuba Diver 2 Dives $ 3580 Pesos
Scuba Diver $ 5400 Pesos
Open Water Diver $ 9700 Pesos
Open Water Diver Referral $ 4500 Pesos
Open Water Diver eLearning **(manual not included) $ 6380 Pesos
Advanced Open Water Diver $ 7980 Pesos
Advanced Open Water eLearning **(manual not included) $ 6980 Pesos
Rescue Diver $ 8000 Pesos
Nitrox $ 4000 Pesos
PADI specialty courses starting at: $ 5000 Pesos

Under water
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We also offer several Speciality Courses as well as Rescue Diver and Divemaster.

Please contact us for further details!

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