Is scuba diving for you? Did you ever wonder about how it feels like to breathe underwater? Scuba is way easier than it seems, probably you should try it right away, it may change your life.


Many of us have travelled to some idyllic beach destination during our well-deserved holidays, escaping the noisy, stressful XXI century routines to a more relaxing, slow paced tropical paradise. We then are able to enjoy the delight of appreciating the crystal clear water from the shore, lying under a palm tree swinging gently with the breeze, and in the middle of this scene appear people dressed up in full black neoprene wetsuits, carrying those big tanks on their backs either going or returning from a dive, and for sure some of us have wondered what does it take to become a diver?

One of the most common things newbie divers say during their Open Water courses is, why didn't I try this before? Being honest that's the same thought that I had after my very first dive, and that is because diving, and luckily, diving in one of the best scuba diving destinations of the world changes your life.

So now we'd like to explore 5 good reasons for you to use your next holidays to try scuba diving.

  1. Divers are normally really nice people. One of the things that has always caught my attention since I started diving was that normally divers, (and I don't only mean dive professionals) are really nice people. Probably because diving is an activity that requires to team up with others, at the same time of being performed on your spare time and mostly in beautiful places, and honestly we all dive for fun! Most divers I know are kind, positive, friendly people that are always happy to help other divers or simply share nice stories from dives on interesting places that you might note down on your bucket list.


As you begin diving little by little, you'll become part of a thriving community of people that enjoy being in contact with nature, travelling and caring for the environment. At one point you'll notice that now you have friends all over the world, many of them after meeting them during your surface interval on a dive boat.

  1. Almost anyone can dive. Some people believe diving is a dangerous extreme sport that requires perfect fitness and youth. Although it's true that being in good shape is very important and helps with buoyancy control and air consumption for example, almost anyone can dive.


Scuba diving experiences are available for kids as young as 8 years old, and the oldest scuba diver in the world turned 96 in August last year, and yes, he celebrated it with a dive!

The diving community is perhaps one of the most inclusive groups out there, people of all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds are diving around the world as you're reading this, and all of them share a sense of comradery, we're divers.

There are a few medical restrictions for scuba diving, and those of course should be taken seriously: circulatory as well as sinus and respiratory conditions should be taken into account before diving. If that is your case, seek medical advice before diving.

  1. You can do it anywhere, and it'll take you everywhere. Of course, whenever we watch videos or documentaries about diving or sea life, most of the time we see far away places, that stand beyond our imagination, but the truth is if there's water, you can dive! There's a lot of people diving in lakes and quarries, aquariums and diving pools are also becoming really popular, so diving can be more than just a holiday pastime, to become an actual hobby.


It's also true that the more you dive, the more you'll be planning your next adventure. Searching for the best coral reefs for scuba diving, planning trips to any place in which you have a good chance to dive with bull sharks, or dreaming about travelling to a famous blue hole or the best cenotes in the Riviera Maya, will now become a part of the "must haves on holidays".

  1. Learning doesn't take too long. I'll talk for myself, personally I thought that diving training would take ages! Good news is, that's not true. Dive centres offer many different experiences and learning options that will fit anyone's agenda.

A PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience may take no more that an hour of basic diving information and could take you straight to a shallow ocean dive. It's a fantastic option for someone that like me has always wondered if scuba diving is or not for him.

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The entry level of scuba diving is the Open Water Course, this is a proper scuba diving certification that covers all the skills and necessary training for someone to become a diver, being able to dive with another certified diver to no more than 12m/40ft. Good news is, it takes around three and a half days. And technology has made it way easier, as now diving eLearning courses are showing to be really useful to fulfil the theoretical parts of the course completely online, and then a PADI Dive Instructor will finish the practical skills and dives. So, after some shallow water lessons and 4 Open Water dives you can get your brand new PADI Open Water Certification. After that many other courses and specialty courses are available, you can always find something new to learn.

  1. Diving is cool! Yes, it is, divers look so cool as they walk to dive boats don't they? Diving pictures on your social media profiles will sure get you many likes and comments from friends and family. Besides that, the knowledge of having been where not many have, the thrill of understanding how overwhelming the vastness of the ocean is, and that we're a part of this amazing planet, diving opens a chance to live an incredible amount of new experiences.


These are only some good reasons to start your diving adventures, we at Blue Experience Diving are always happy to help you find these and many more.