A Dream Come True

A Dream Come True

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Having been born in Eastern Germany, living in the Caribbean was surely not in my future, yet here I am in Mexico calling Akumal my home, diving in the blue waters of the Caribbean on the second largest Barrier Reef in the world almost everyday.

So how did this happen?. Well here we go!

Amazingly enough for being such a shy person I never shied away from trying new things. It made me spend a year in a small town in Idaho, living in the north and south Germany. It allowed me to work in Bahrain, the Formula 1 races, Confederations Cup, World Cup and for one of the best football team in the Bundesliga.

Like everybody else I wanted to go out to see the world and on the top of my list always were The Maldives. A group of islands nestled in the Indian Ocean, 400 miles off the southern tip of India. Amazing blue water and exotic wildlife, the dream finally came true in 2009 after working my ass off 7 days a week. Oddly enough I had never thought about diving before booking this vacation, but once it was all done and dusted that was something I wanted to try. As a very well organized German I gathered every piece of information I could, completed my Medical with my GP to get certified!

After a 4 hour train ride, 10 hour flight from Frankfurt to Male and another 45 minutes water plane ride landing on seriously rough waters we finally checked into our water bungalow in the Maldives. Nothing was going to happen this day as Jasmin and I were tired from the journey so we called it a night to start fresh the next day in Paradise.

And Paradise it was! A small island with beautiful white sand and crystal clear water. Little black tip sharks swimming in the shallows as well as loads of other colourful fish. We snorkelled most of the day and finally met the dive team on the island. We sat down with the base leader, some English person in his late 40's with a funny walk, gathered all the information we needed and decided to start with a try dive in the lagoon. Their Maledivean Instructor was chosen to take us for our first ever dive and I only found out much later that there was a heated discussion on who was going to take us as my friend that went on this vacation with me is a real beauty and they all wanted to take us (or lets say her). To make things short I loved it! Not so much the try dive itself as you get dragged around by the instructor like a dog on a leash, but the fish life was just amazing. It was a no brainer for me to get certified. Unfortunately Jasmin did not like it, much to the disappointment of the German and Maledivean Instructor. So I ended up with the English instructor in his 40's with the funny walk and his name was Tim.

A whole new world opens up!