To buy or not to buy

To buy or not to buy

08/jun/18 Dale like y comparte ahora!

So after searching around for what seemed like years, but was only 10 months in reality, we saw an advert for a dive school here in Mexico. Now at this point neither of us had ever been here or even given it the slightest thought, as like so many other people around the world, the news seemed to depict Mexico as somewhere that you would travel to if you had some sort of “death wish”!. We did some more in depth research and found that the Riviera Maya seemed like a safe place to be and had a very healthy tourism industry. Reviews of diving seemed to be very positive and so we contacted the seller and started a dialogue about the operation etc. After about 1 month we had come to the conclusion that one or other of us now needed to hop on a plane and go see the place for ourselves. At this stage we had also agreed that if it lived up to expectations then we would go ahead and make an offer with a view to purchasing the business whilst visiting it. Well I did a few days of diving with the owner and his staff, spent many hours in the afternoons and evenings going over all the detailed figures and the more we looked the more it seemed to be just what we wanted, albeit at the top end of our budget!. I spent a few hours on skype in between time, with Kathrin, answering all her questions, showing her photos of the place and the surrounding area etc etc and confirming that we could live and work here and have a nice life.

So we made our minds up that this was going to be our new home (and business). Now this is when we hit, as far as we were concerned, a major issue!. There was no “no competition clause” in the sale contract and as far as we were concerned that had to change if we were going to give this guy our hard earned money. “There is no need for anything like that as I'm retireing and moving back to Texas”. “So if that's the case then there is no problem with adding the clause into the sale contract is there?” “Trust me, I'm going home” “Then there is no problem adding it to the contract is there”.

And thats how the conversation went on for 2 days. Anyway we pulled out of the sale as there was no way we were parting with our money without some form of protection!. He did seem a little upset about this issue but, well we were just not prepared to take a risk like that.

So the day before I was due to fly back home to a cold damp UK in mid November a new advert appeared for another dive shop just 1 hour further south. By now it was too late to organise to go see it and I really just wanted to get home anyway, but as soon as I was back in the UK we made contact with the seller and started the process again. Mexico, by now, was somewhere we wanted to be. 3 months later we had bought our business and started to earn loads of money and become RICH!

Err,,, hold on a moment!,,

Next week,, Reality!.