Safari 2019 Diving Tour to Maldives

Would you like to join us as we Find Paradise Again?

Once again Blue Experience Diving are running a 2 week dive safari to the Maldives.

Would you like to join us as we Find Paradise Again?

In April 2019 we set sail on the MV Stingray for a 14 night dive safari around some of the most famous dive sites of the Maldives. Nestled in the Indian Ocean approximately 400 miles south of the tip of India the 4,000 tiny islands of the Republic offer some of the most spectacular diving on our planet. And that’s where we are headed yet again.

Dive into the clear waters of the Indian Ocean and be prepared to be amazed by the volume and variety of marine life. The huge volumes of nutrient rich water flowing over the reefs have created vast areas of hard corals which are a perfect nursery for literally hundreds of species of fish.

The vast quantities of small fish are a great attraction for larger species of predators. These, in turn, attract larger and larger predators, and so we can see just about everything on the wonderful reefs of the Maldives. Many dive sites are frequented by sharks and we can see them “up close and personal”. And we have to remember that we hope to see some of the really big fish, such as Manta Rays and even Whale Sharks.

This really is a “Divers Paradise” and we have chosen this time carefully so as to give you the best possible chance of encounters with just about everything you could imagine on our “Paradise Found Again” safari.

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