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Discover the magestic sea of the Riviera Maya


Discover the magestic sea of the Riviera Maya

Blue Experience offers half day or full day dive tours to Cozumel or the C 56 Wreck as well as snorkeling with the Whale Sharks.

C56 Wreck Diving in Puerto Morelos

Laid down and launched by the American Ship Building Company of Lorain, Ohio on March 13th 1943, the USS Knave (AM-256) was an Admirable class minesweeper built for the US Navy during World War II. She served in the Atlantic during World War II and was decommissioned in May 1946 and placed in reserve.

C56 Wreck Diving Tour
Cozumel Diving in Riviera Maya

A full day trip to the reefs of Cozumel for divers who wish to experience something completely different. Some reefs have deep Walls, dropping to 60m (200ft) and more. Currents moving around the island can offer the chance for encounters with more pelagic species, bigger shoals, seahorses, some truly spectacular...

Cozumel Diving Tour
Whale Shark Snorkeling in Riviera Maya

Whilst here in Mexico do not miss the chance to swim with the largest fish in the seas! Here to the north of Cancun you have the best possible chance to swim with the magnificent WHALE SHARK. Our boat has a maximum of 10 guests and 2 guides, who will spend the journey out briefing you and explaining...

Whale Shark Snorkeling Tour
Bulle Shark Diving in Riviera Maya

Come and join us for a breathtaking adventure. Between the months of November and March you can come face to face with the beautiful Bull Sharks here in Playa del Carmen.

Bull Shark Diving Tour
Safari 2019 Diving Tour to Maldives

In April 2019 we set sail on the MV Stingray for a 14 night dive safari around some of the most famous dive sites of the Maldives. Nestled in the Indian Ocean approximately 400 miles south of the tip of India the 4,000 tiny islands of the Republic offer some of the most spectacular diving on our planet...

Safari 2019 Diving Tour

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