My First Student

My First Student

23/Mai/18 Jetzt Daumen hoch und teilen!

So now I find myself “living in paradise” and ready to start work as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.

All I need is my first student!

Enter stage left, Charlotte who wishes to learn to dive. She was 32 and seemed really set on diving so how hard could this be?. Well let me explain,,,,

The first skills were done without any problem at all and then we came to “every students” favourite, the mask flood. By the end of the first session Charlotte's eyes were red from so much salt water and I was beginning to wonder if we would ever get to lesson 2 at all. Breaking for lunch I took the chance to speak to the senior instructor and asked for advice on the matter. With a couple of usful tips I went into the afternoon session full of confidence, that Charlotte would get the skill done and we could move on. Oh dear, my mistake, after more “red eyes” we finally stopped for the day, a little dispondent to say the least. The following morning we tried again, and literally, all of a sudden she managed it and from then on there was no stopping her. She dived most days once the course was finished and came back again aa couple of years later for more diving.

Not all students are meant to be in the water and there have been one or two occasions where the course has stopped over the years due to total inability to do one or more skills at all. I will not go into detail, but one young lady didn't like to get her hair wet!!!! Err, why would you want to learn to dive then?. Another, more mature lady could not swim more than about 20 meters without rolling over onto one side or the other. And no, it was not because of her weights or anything silly like that, she just could not swim level for any distance at all!. All in all I spent just over 8 years living and diving in the Maldives and loved every minute of it. Maybe that's why we still go back there on our holidays.

Having now certified in excess of 1,000 new divers I still come across the odd student who does something “new”. It's always a surprise and you just never know what a student will do next!. You know it's still a challenge and at the sametime really rewarding to “introduce” a student to the underwater world.

Moving swiftly on to October 2009 I had the pleasure of teaching a young German lady how to dive whilst she was on her holidays. She was really good and desperately wanted to get the course over with so she could do some “fun dives”, but the weather was against us for a couple of days (pouring rain and high seas), but eventually we managed to get out and finish the last dive. Since then we have done “a few dives” together as dive buddies, business partners and more importantly husband & wife. (Maybe Kathrin will type up her story for you all soon as well).

By 2010 we had started to actively look for our own dive shop and this search took me to one or two far flung countries, in persuit of the right business to purchase. Eventually we found, what we thought was, the perfect place here in Mexico.

Next week To Buy or Not to Buy!.