Living the Dream

Living the Dream

16/Mai/18 Jetzt Daumen hoch und teilen!

Welcome to our first Blog post, we hope you enjoy reading it.

Lets start at the beginning on a cold December day back in the UK in 2001. There I was wondering what life could be like, no longer sitting behind a desk all day and fielding phone calls from clients, suppliers, transport companies etc etc day in day out. What could I do about it?. Maybe time to consider a change of scenery (and lifestyle!). I had already been diving for 10 years as a “holiday diver” and was always quite jelous of the instructors and what seemed to be a great life, diving all day in warm water and living in paradise.

After considering my options I decided to make a couple of phone calls, send off a few emails and do a bit of research on the internet. It didn't seem to be that hard to become a dive instructor from what I could see. I had enough dives already and the more I looked into it the more it appealed to me. Basically after my research I was left with the choice of doing my instructor course in the UK or Australia. Now as you can imagine the final decision took a long time, maybe all of 2 minutes! Australia here I come. Giving in my notice at work, selling my house and all my furniture etc I really was set on my new career path. And if it didn't work out then, hell, I was going to have a good time anyway.

Hence in mid April I found myself at Heathrow airport waiting to spend “forever” on a flight to Sydney, Australia, which was going to be my new home for about 12 weeks.

The course comprised of loads of new theory, new and old skills, done to perfection, teaching methods, and of course plenty of diving. The group of 11 of us were told quite clearly on day one that we would have to work hard and put long hours in to come anywhere close to the standard required, and yes they were not wrong. It was hard work which culminated in my PADI Instructor exam that was held over the coldest, wettest and most miserable weekend of the whole time I was in Australia. Anyway by early on 21 st July there I was proudly holding my certificate, showing that I had passed and was now a fully fledged PADI Open Water Instructor!

After all that hard work it was time to treat myself so I went off to the Barrier Reef and did some diving for a week, followed by a trip out to Fiji and Guam for more diving.

Now all I had to do was wait for my first job. And you know, the good thing was that I had already had an offer of work in mid June, provoding I passed my exam. And where would I be off to to face my first student?.. Only the Maldives of course. So all I had to do now was sit at home and wait for my new bosses to call me with the information of travel dates etc. That call came through in September and so I said my “goodbyes”, packed up and was all ready to set off to the airport when, late on the Friday, I get a call saying “no room on the flight so you will have to wait another week”. WTF?? Anyway the following week I was off and just 3 days later it was time to face the real world and my first ever Open Water student.

Next week,,,My first student.